Tuesday, 5 February 2013

York Revisited

I got to spend another clear, but windswept day at York. This was to track down some additional sites that I had missed previously. The city is quite nice and requires, I think, at least three or four trips to complete.
Firstly, I expanded upon my UK Tour: St. Mary's Abbey entry. There are more pictures of the structure and foundations which were hidden in the lawn last time I was there. The biggest significance was the inclusion of at least six chapels dedicated to different saints. If interested, you might want to cross reference my Kirkstall Abbey entry as there is a picture showing what a series of these small chapels looked like.
Secondly, I added another York page which is now designated UK Tour: York (2). Unfortunately I think my camera work was not too good on this day as the sky still managed to bleach the colors.

I did managed to capture one of my favorite photographs of the journey thus far: the interior of York Minster with the sunset through the glass:

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