Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wikivoyage Ahoy!

A new tour post on Lincoln Cathedral is going up tomorrow!

In the meantime, has anyone noticed the new site launched by Wikipedia?

Built on the same user-edited concept as Wikipedia proper, Wikivoyage is the new online source for travellers. It takes all the information you are used to from Wikipedia and then adds additional material on dining, hotels, sightseeing and more. Best of all, the users get to edit the content. That means travellers now get exposed to things that guidebooks don't even cover!
I find this the most exciting. Part of the joys of travelling is coming across something you didn't expect. Now it can be shared. Yes, everyone goes to London to see the Tower and Westminster...but what about the Priory of St. John? The river Fleet? The exposed steps of Whitehall Palace? This information now has a home and I think travel will be better for it.

Is this the beginning of the end for guidebooks? It might be...unless they themselves become living documents on hand held devices with constant updates to material and multimedia.

It will be fun to watch the content expand. As one of my former co-workers said: "Be a traveller, not a tourist!"

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