Thursday, 13 June 2013

Recovered From The Deep

Some new history is being made in the English Channel.

Researchers have just retrieved a rare Dornier Do-17 bomber from 50 feet of water. The German bomber was part of the Luftwaffe raids on Britain in 1940 before it was crippled on the return flight home and crashed into the Channel.

German Bomber Lifted

The plane will be restored and put on display. I love these kind of finds.

On a similar note, I really hope the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum moves ahead with the restoration of another German aircraft: the Horten Ho-229 flying wing. This one-of-a-kind aircraft is the world's first flying wing jet fighter. The US B-2 Spirit is said to be inspire by/ based off this 1944 design. Tests of a model a few years back confirmed that the plane possessed stealth qualities which reduced its size by 20% on English radar.