Uni. of Sheffield

I figured I'd provide some more info on my place of study.

A conglomeration of three seperate colleges, the university began life in 1987 as the University College Of Sheffield. It was in 1905, courtesy of Edward VII, that our school obtained a royal charter making it the University of Sheffield! Expansion was slow until the 1960s when new buildings began to emerge from the rolling countryside. Today, the university is home to 25,000 students through which 135 nationalities are represented.

Sheffield is currently the "University of the Year" and continues to rank high on international rankings. We remain in the top 20 of UK schools and place 72nd in the world.
5 alumni from this school have received Nobel Prizes.

The University of Sheffield is not a typical American campus because it is in fact scattered throughout the city. While the majority of buildings are batched together, town houses share street front property with some of the larger halls which house everything from law and sociology to engineering and biochemistry.
The following are but a few of the campus buildings:

                                         Firth Court

                                                   The Arts Tower
                                         Jessop West (my History department)

                                         The Octagon Centre

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