Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Farewell to a Historian

A sad note to pass along. Renowned Anne Boleyn historian, Dr. Eric Ives, has died. Many argue (myself included) that he wrote the definitive text on Anne in 1986 which was then revised in 2005. I own two copies of his book: one for the shelf in pristine condition while the other is well worn with highlights, margin notes and colored underlines. While I do my best to maintain an unbiased view of Anne, it is Ives' work that best assembles a picture of Anne from the foggy depths of history and myth. It is essentially my go-to text for Anne and I've come to accept his perspective of the Queen.

It was his book that I first picked up when my interest in Anne was piqued and it has kept me going ever since.

I was very much looking forward to perhaps meeting him while I am here in England. Unfortunately, I am a little too late. His work shall be missed.

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