Friday, 5 April 2013

Tudor Wear

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin was heavily used in the filming of "The Tudors". The church itself was used for coronations, baptisms and court ceremonies while the crypt below saw action as a burial place, tavern and the interior of the Tower of London. I'm very tempted to go back and rewatch the series (again) to find some of the shots.
On display in the crypt was a small exhibition on some of the clothes used in the filming. I've hazarded a guess as to who wore what but I'm sure I will be corrected by bigger "Tudors" fans.

Katherine Parr

Mary? (Correction: Anne of Cleves)

Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn? (Correction: Katherine of Aragon)

Same as above

Cardinal Wolsey

Same as above


  1. 2nd one you have correct :), 3rd is a Anne of Cleves outfit and the 5th is a Katherine of Aragon outfit. Stunning pictures!

  2. 2nd one is correct (Katherine Parr); 3rd is Anne of Cleves? and the 5th is Katherine of Aragon. Beautiful costumes!! Neta would know. ;)

  3. the thing about the costumes in The Tudors is that the production pretty much scarfed up every surviving Tudor/Elizabethan costume made for EVERY Tudor/Elizabethan/Renaissance production made in the last 30 years. Costumes were used and re-used often, frequently on several characters in different episodes.

  4. Amended! Thank you for the input. Guess I need to watch the series again :)