Monday, 26 November 2012

The Tour Of Abbeys Continues

On my recent trip to York, I came across the ruins of St. Mary's. My lack of adequate prep for the trip saw to it that I knew nothing of the structure's existance! So imagine my surprise when I came across the walls of the nave.
While I was able to see a good amount of the abbey, there were some structures deeper in the park that I missed. Guess it just means I must return to York on another day.

The full report on the abbey can be found under the UK Tours section to the right of this page.


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  2. Holy Cannoli! Are you telling me that you took a trip without pouring over a mountain of books and piles of paperwork researching every last fricken detail?!

    Are you SURE you're Michael?

    Notice how much free time I have working the nightshift? I'm actually commenting. ;D