Saturday, 11 May 2013

Learning About Sheffield

This post is more for my friends here at the University but if I've whetted anyone's appetite for Sheffield's history via this blog, then keep reading!

Since I arrived in Sheffield last September, I've spent many days wandering around the city and tracking down its history. That alone was a daunting task...where do you come across history in Sheffield? Some is blatantly obvious but most of it can be missed if you are not looking hard enough. Thankfully, one of my first purchases was a book on Sheffield written by Peter Machan. By strange coincidence, he eventually became my work placement supervisor at the Manor Lodge!

This nifty book has been my main tool for city adventures and forms the basis for my "History In Sheffield" post series. Anything and everything is covered with plenty of the author's own pictures to help orient the reader. I've read through other books on Sheffield and this is by far the best in terms of historical coverage and guide material. Here are some sample pages...

The book itself is inexpensive: 10 pounds. So to my uni friends, if you are staying here for the summer, why not pick this up and give Sheffield a tour? It would also make a great memento of your time here!



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