Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Off To Stockholm!

Having been to Halden, the site of Charles XII's death, it is now time to go to his city of birth and the capital of the nation over which he reigned. From Thursday to Sunday I will find myself in Stockholm! The itinerary is quite packed and I will detail it below. As I am travelling, this blog will go silent until my return. Hopefully many pictures will accompany the next update. Unfortunately, this is my last trip before heading home. I've seen so much and yet missed out on so much more. But that is for another post.
Now then, what will I be doing?

Livrustkammaren: The royal armories underneath the current palace. This museum houses all sorts of neat things on the Swedish monarchy such as Gustav Adolf's stuffed horse Streiff from Lutzen (1632), the costume that Gustav III wore on the night he was assassinated and the uniform that Charles XII wore when he was shot and killed in Norway.

Karlbergs Slott: Charles XII was raised in this palace and also laid in state here.
Gamla Stan: Translates to "Old City". This is medieval/ baroque Stockholm with all the essential attractions belonging to the royalty.
Tre Kronor Museum: The old palace burnt down in 1697. This museum holds what few artifacts remain.
Riddarholm Church: The burial place for almost all of the Swedish monarchy including Gustav Adolf (1632) and Charles XII (1618).
Wrangelska Palaset: Another medieval palace.

Charles XII and Gustav Adolf's statues.
Vasa Museum: The Vasa was Sweden's largest warship. She set sail on her maiden voyage in 1628 and made it about 2 km before she was caught in a gale and capsized. The Vasa was raised in the 1960s and is now preserved (75% original) in the museum.

Skeppsholmen Buildings: Some of the buildings on this island were used as barracks to house Charles XII's bodyguard.
Armee Museum: A museum showcasing the history of the Swedish army. I am particularly interested in the Carolean period.

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