Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Trip So Big... needs 3 installments!

My trip to Cambridge was a great success. I came away with plenty of Tudor related photography as well as the entire collection of Strickland's "Queens of England" from 1875. Given that I took over 200 photographs, I think it would be better to split my review over three installments to focus on particular sites. That means we have the following breakdown:

Installment 1: King's College Chapel
Installment 2: Queen's College, Trinity College, St John's College
Installment 3: The Round Church and other sites of Cambridge

After nearly four hours of work, the first installment is finally up! You can find it on the right side under UK Tour: Cambridge (1)

EDIT: Part 2 is now up as well! Check out UK Tour: Cambridge (2)
EDIT: Part 3 is complete! Last installment on the right under UK Tour: Cambridge (3)

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